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Bold Leads is a leader in real estate marketing. By constructing two distinct landing pages, it was our mission to design a friendly interface that made it fast and intuitive for the users to fulfil their real estate needs.


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  • Illustration


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Homevalutions works as an online landing page that allows you, through a mixture of inputs and variables, to see how much your home is really worth. These inputs have to be immediately available to the user so that, within a few clicks, he can have a full description of his estimated sale.

Three auxiliary assets that provide an easier understanding of Homevaluations’ process, a quick and easy, 100% free way to get a fair estimate of what your home is really worth, allowing you to get more value on your future sale.

Never losing sight of your actual position, whenever you input your address in Homevaluations, there is an animation that allows you to search in place, letting you remain in the same page.


Homelists aims to be the opposite side of the same coin. Here, the user can find the best real estate deals on the market. Different in purpose, familiar in its visuals style.

The illustrations of Homelists take a more prominent role in shaping the overall look and feel, constantly referring to the comfort of living in your own home.

So that you can make an accurate search in Homelists, a certain number of variables have to be decided on the go. To make this process intuitive and trouble free, instead of a more traditional, more monotonous set of dropdown options, the user is prompted with an interactive on boarding that makes it easy to find your ideal house in 4 easy steps.

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