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Ergo is a renowned brand for worldwide insurance. It was our job to insure the best communication between their target groups and the product they were selling: insurance on the go for those looking for some outdoor action.


  • Storytelling
  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation / Motion
  • UI Design
  • Development


  • Illustrated Stories
  • Animated Stories
  • Landing Pages


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ERGO is one of the major insurance groups in Germany and Europe. Customers not only rely on the extensive range of insurance, provision and services provided by ERGO, but also on the Group's security and financial strength so we had to take some risk in order to bring an enjoyable, yet corporate, tone to the illustration. Fast and easy were the keywords for this product and our job was to create a homogeneous campaign coherent with Ergo's solid corporate image that appealed to the fast pace of millennials' life style.

The Stories

These four quick stories aim to create emphasis on the quick and easy aspect of the product. By using Ergo Direkt mobile insurances anytime, anywhere and within any context, our character ensures that things don't go as bad as they could! Lucky guy :)

In the wild

Millennials were the target audience with four Facebook Carousels ads. To go with it, four different landing pages were developed to better drive customers to the App Store.

App Onboarding

Our job here is almost done: the user has downloaded the Ergo Direkt insurance app. This was the main purpose of the whole campaign, however it is still very important that they create an account and purchase the product. With this app onboarding the user can fully understand the true potencial of the application and take advantage of its main features.

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