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mishmash keeps looking for new ways to design office supplies, contrasting a clear taste for the minimal with an elaborate and meticulous choice of materials. This is a detailed showcase on how we designed their website.


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The doorway to the world of mishmash. Here we must engage the user and make sure he loves every mishmash product as much as we do. The precision of their products was matched by a precise grid that takes over and defines the entire design.

Mobile? Amazing too!

The same attention to detail was kept to ensure a great mobile experience for newcomers and returners alike. Encapsuled by the phone's screen, every mishmash product is allowed to shine.


Sort & filter every product and find the one that is right for you. You can sort by price and filter by color or size. With that, every focus is placed on the products where you can quickly decide which one is right for you.

Product Page

Explore every little detail, with a high quality gallery, product specs, and reviews by your favourite bloggers. "Added to cart."

Shop mishmash on the go!

Browse, filter and appreciate every little detail of each mishmash product while you are on the move.

Cart & Checkout

You probably fell in love with the product so why not fall in love with the entire checkout process? Also, why wait until you’re home to buy one of mishmash’s unique notebooks? You can do it anywhere!


Let's say that mishmash is part of your life. But so are many other things. The blog is all about the things you love, even when travelling!

Color Palette & Typography

So the user can focus entirely on what trully matters: the products on sale, we used a greyscale palette on white background, using color only when extremely necessary. Used as part of the Mishmash brand, the Circular font was already deeply embeded in its DNA. Used in three different weights: Book, Medium e Bold.


With every mishmash product being unique, it was important to create a set of icons that can visually represent every specification and detail.

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